• A Private Independent
  • Montessori School for
  • Toddlers to Lower Elementary
  • Serving Students from
  • 15 months to 9 years old


The Bilingual Montessori School of Sharon offers a flexible curriculum designed to allow the children to grow individually. “The young child is attracted to activities that give independence and control over their own life”. (Maria Montessori) The curriculum structure is set to foster a full range of skills and interests, and to encourage curiosity, creativity, and security within the children. The followings are the main areas that embody the focus. The Bilingual Montessori School of Sharon classrooms comprise of:

Practical Life

Uniquely designed for young children, the curriculum emphasizes functionality and space designed for practical life activities. The children chose these activities (small garden, pouring water) because they are easy to understand from start to finish. These activities are a simple, clear, and concrete purpose. They give direction to the child’s movement who can intelligently understand and perform these activities. They are also attractive to the will of the child who may repeat them as often as they like. And because these movements are “willed” by the children, they help them toward greater skills and perfection. These activities will lead to self-accepted discipline, and at the same time create a unit between the child’s thought, his/her willingness, and action.


The purpose of sensorial in our school is to help the child concentrate on the refinement of all the senses. The Bilingual Montessori School of Sharon supports the verity that sensorial experience begins at birth. The children begin to explore sensorial materials such as texture, shape, taste, color, dimension and is given the opportunity to classify the things around them. The children are able to make their own experiences in their environment. By accomplishing this task alone with these self-correcting materials, the children are gearing toward the first step in organizing their own intelligence, which leads them to adapt to their environment.


At The Bilingual Montessori School of Sharon, the materials are specifically designed for the children to develop at their own pace. When the children arrive in our classroom, they have already fully absorbed the culture of language, and have already constructed the spoken language. They will have the opportunity, at their own pace to start consolidating their spoken language and begin to explore the written form of language. The classroom exercises include letters, matching objects to pictures, rhyming, and language cards. We believe that language is an intricate involvement in the process of thinking. We encourage our directresses to speak to the children and listen to them, as they need to experience different modes of language and to hear and tell stories. Most importantly, the directresses help the children to build self-confidence to be able to read with ease and express themselves in writing.


The Bilingual Montessori School of Sharon also believes that children are attracted by the science of numbers. The young children observe and experience the world sensorial which they can use to acquire the abstracts concepts and qualities of the things in the environment. Their growing knowledge of the environment makes it possible for the children to have a sense of positioning in space. Our directress starts with group activities, that leads toward individual activities where each child can acquire his or her own mathematical experience and arrive at his or her individual work.

The Bilingual Montessori School of Sharon values the activities that guide the children to a new level of learning or concept. Our students acquire the basis for later concepts when they are actively learning. In all of our activities, the directress in each classroom uses repetition of such activities that is integral for their learning process. As the children are allowed to repeat activities as they wish, they are ready to move on to the next level of learning when they show some level of boredom on account of the repetition of one of the activities. The directress is trained to observe each particular child and should correspondingly assign them the next lesson when ready. The directresses exhibit the proper use of the new activity to the children. While proceeding to their own pace from concrete objects, tactile experience, to abstract thinking, writing, reading, science, and mathematics, the children may use the new activities as desired.

Each age group uses the following developmental daily activities for Language that helps enhance their skills at The Bilingual Montessori School of Sharon.

  • Emotional development
  • Daily French
  • Music
  • Health and Education
  • Gymnastics
  • Creative art
  • Physical activities
  • Communication
  • Field Trips
“The study of love and its utilization will lead us to the source from which it springs, The Child.”
Dr. Maria Montessori

School Inquiry

We accept students from 14 months to 9 years old.

BMSS offers an authentic Montessori Education to the following age groups:

  • Toddlers from 14 Months to 3 years old
  • Primary/Children House from 3 to 6 years old and our new
  • Lower Elementary Program for Students 6 to 9 years old

Our students are taught in both French and English. Bilingual Montessori School of Sharon is a French Bilingual School.

The Bilingual Montessori School of Sharon offers a summer program.

The majority of faculty and staff have earned a Master’s degree. Moreover, all lead teachers hold Montessori Certification AMI or AMS.

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    What Parents Are Saying

    I highly recommend BMSS without reservation. Our kids love attending and always wish to stay longer at pick up time. They managed to keep the school Covid-19 free due to strict protocols and guidelines. The teachers also pay keen attention to each of my children’s individual needs and have made it a point to foster their unique academic interests. Due to the pandemic, the music teacher Donny (whom the kids LOVED) left in November without a replacement. I do hope Donny or another music teacher returns in the Fall, but even without music, the school did an AMAZING job of helping our children grow academically and socially. I am very impressed with the institution from the top down. If there is a spot available, you should go for it. You and your family will not be disappointed. Keep up the great work BMSS!

    Our daughter has been going to this school for the past couple of years. Though they had some teething issues when they started in 2015, the new leadership has dramatically changed the way the school is operating. The music program is excellent and our three years old is now learning all sorts of new things each day. Both my wife and I highly recommend the school for anyone who is looking beyond the traditional daycare and a step up for your child before they are of traditional school age. I hope the school keeps up the good work and folks from Sharon and neighboring communities show their support for the school!

    We love your school and it’s a privilege to work with your team.

    My daughter has attended the Bilingual Montessori School of Sharon for the past two years. I have to say that I could not be happier with our experience with this school. My daughter was previously enrolled in a local daycare and when it came time to think about preschools I had high expectations. I was first intrigued by their French and music programs. My daughter is currently learning the violin and has voice lessons weekly. But what has truly exceeded my expectations in all of the faculty’s commitment to my daughter’s individual educational needs. I feel that they all genuinely care and want her to thrive and enjoy her educational experience. It is a great feeling as a parent who works full time and has to intrust care in others. That I feel that my daughter is cared for and loved as if I were there myself. Also, their hours are extremely accommodating for parents, early care and late care are available.
    I would highly recommend BMSS to anyone looking for a superior learning experience for their child.

    Your son brings sunshine to our hearts every time we see him. From our Toddler classroom to our Primary community, he has grown to be a child with great kindness and compassion and a heart filled with love for all. A true leader and talented dancer!!!

    My son loves this school. He loves the teachers and looks forward to his music and dance classes. He comes home happy and learns something new every day. We could not be happier.

    We love the Bilingual Montessori School of Sharon. Our Son is growing so much socially and academically. Miss Linda, the head of School, has the perfect balance between kindness and professionalism assuring the Montessori philosophy. She runs every detail in the school with love and direction. The same recognition can be applied for the amazing staff. They are so kind, caring, thoughtful and receive our son with open arms every day. The environment is safe and peaceful. We like the diversity on the community and the engagement to teach the kids how to be good humans. We have been proud and happy to have our son at BMSS

    My two kids love BMSS! They have accomplished a lot in their academic studies, social skills, music, dance, and art. Very professional, passionate, and caring faculty! Superb Montessori educational system, amazing atmosphere, dedicated and hard-working staff members, safe nurturing environment make this school very special. I highly recommend BMSS for any child development to reach their maximum potential.

    My husband and I love BMSS and its amazing staff! All the teachers have the sheer dedication to their students and we as parents see that they foster an environment not only built on individualized learning but also group activities and learning prompts to help their students thrive. All the teachers are calm, patient, and will go that extra mile to make sure your child is comfortable in the classroom. It is amazing how our 18-month-old child sets the table, cleans up after himself, and speaks almost 20 words! Our oldest son who is 3.5 years is not only speaking in complete sentences but also starting to love reading books and write! We are so happy with their progress and we especially love the fact that unlike any other Montessori school this school has a French and music curriculum!

    I visited several childcare centers and Montessori schools and was discouraged in my search altogether. I considered putting my career on hold until my son is older. It was a very hard decision because as much as I adore my son and enjoy being a mom, I also enjoy my career as a physician. A colleague recommended the Bilingual Montessori School. Reluctantly, we visited. What a surprise it was to see such a beautiful facility. The foyer with the huge floral arrangements gives us the impression that we were in Versailles, ( France). The classrooms are spacious, meticulous, and well organized. The Head of School told us that they do not aim at having 200 students to pack the school, but, they rather create a wonderful environment where children feel right at home. We are very grateful to the school and would recommend every parent seeking childcare to visit the Bilingual Montessori School.

    If you’re looking for a quality Montessori toddler/preschool/kindergarten education, this is it. My son is currently enrolled for primary education and I could not be more pleased with the instruction he has received. The school has generous classroom sizes, a dedicated primary and kindergarten room that allows the children to be active even when the outside elements are not cooperative, and an extended day space for all the before and aftercare needs. The teachers and staff are beyond amazing and I am confident knowing I am leaving my child in capable loving hands. I highly recommend this school. I encourage you to take a closer look, you won’t be disappointed!!

    Great school!

    My family loves BMSS. My son has made huge progress after he switched to this school. He used to be shy and get nervous around strangers and unfamiliar environments, now he is able to step out of his comfort zone with a lot of confidence. His soccer coach loved him because he knew how to lead and also to be a team player at such a young age, and I truly believe that he learned this from BMSS. The teachers here are so great, and they care about every student wholeheartedly. I can’t recommend this school more.

    Our son loves the school. As first-time parents, we were hesitant to leave our firstborn under the care of others. However, the staff has consistently provided a level of care and compassion that has put us at ease. What I like is the personal attention my child receives and the wonderful personality of the teachers. we would recommend The Bilingual Montessori School.


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